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The Top 5 Misconceptions People Have About Solo Travelers

The Top 5 Misconceptions People Have About Solo Travelers

Solo Travel is something that many people will have certain ideas about, and the stereotype of students who have recently graduated going traveling for a year is a particularly common one associated with solo travelers. However, those who do explore the world by themselves will generally be quite different to the stereotypes that many people hold, so here are five of the most common misconceptions that people will have about those who travel alone.

Solo Travelers Are Loners

Solo travel is something that will lead people to spend some time by themselves as they travel, but the reality is that in most situations solo travelers are among the most gregarious people and are keen to meet others. The beauty of solo travel is that people can choose to engage and encounter new and interesting people as much as they want to and as much as they are comfortable with. While some destinations, such as a remote hiking hut may not offer too many opportunities to meet new people and to make friends, in most social situations solo travelers will be just as keen to talk and to discuss their journeys as anyone else.

They Have Independent Wealth To Fund Their Travels

Most solo travelers will wish that this was the case, particularly with the additional costs that can often be incurred by those traveling by themselves, such as single occupancy premiums in hotel rooms. The majority of travelers will simply be people who have chosen to prioritize their love of travel over other aspects of their life, and will have tailored their lives to allow them to travel regularly or for longer periods of time. As well as saving money while in employment, many people will also work as they travel to help fund their journey.

Solo Travelers Don’t Want To Make New Friends As They Travel

Some people will always want to socialize more than others, and there are some travelers who will want to keep to themselves and won’t want to make new friends, but the majority of people will be keen to meet others. Many solo travelers that do spend an extended period of time in one country or continent where one language is predominant will often learn the language to try and meet some of the locals, while they will also frequently meet others who are traveling along the same route.

Those Who Travel Solo Are In Their Early Twenties

Solo Travel is a passion that is shared by people from all walks of life and these people can be of any age, although the lack of commitments such as a job and a house can make it easier for those in their early twenties to travel. Travel blogs are a great way of finding out more about people who do travel solo, and the authors of such blogs can range from those in their twenties up to those who have only begun to travel solo after retirement. The passion for travel spans people from every generation, and there are destinations and attractions to suit every traveler as they explore.

Solo Travelers Always Travel For Long Periods

In many cases, those who do travel solo will not have the means or the ability to spend months or even years traveling, but their passion for exploration can be expressed through regular shorter trips. Many city breaks can allow people to explore for a weekend or a week (such as Spring Break), and these can still be fulfilling and interesting journeys. With the growth of organized tours for visitors to different cities and destinations, it is still possible to meet others with a passion for travel even on shorter breaks.

Article written by: Kiersten Rich and courtesy of About.com

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