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Live The Dash?

The Live The Dash Story

The “dash” equals life! Akwasi came up with the name of the company while attending the final services of a former high school teacher. As his teacher

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Solo Travel

At Live The Dash Tours we fully recognize that people’s travel dreams are seldom realized because they lack a travel partner. For one reason or another, their friend’s or family’s schedule never meshes with theirs, the planned trip is put off and it usually never materializes. We build…

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Small Intimate Groups

You will travel in a small intimate group of no more than 12 Dashers. No longer will you need to search for a person to dine with, to snap photos of you or to accompany you for a night on the town because for the majority of the trip you all will be together.

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Community Building

Live The Dash Tours places major emphasis on human and cultural interaction. We believe that in most cases, people are the main allure of a destination.

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The Pause

Our goal is for you to have a joyous time on our tours, and we realize that sometimes this includes breaking away from the group to explore the destination as you see fit.

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We Have Been There

Here at Live The Dash Tours, we live for travel, so you can be assured that we have been to the destinations that we conduct tours to. The world is yours to explore! There are places to go, things to see and people to meet.

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