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Nothing is more paramount to Live The Dash Tours than the safety of our Dashers and Lead Dashers. We therefore constantly monitor situations around the globe to ensure that you are not placed in harm’s way. We will make travel decisions based upon the informed advice of a number of sources.

Visa requirements change frequently and are dependent upon your nationality and your destination. You may wish to arrange these yourself or have your travel agent arrange these on your behalf.


Living The Dash requires to you be in satisfactory health, which is why we require you to have our medical form completed accurately. Exotic destinations are best enjoyed when all health precautions are taken. The final say on your health is the responsibility of you and your health care provider. Please be sure to remain current on all up to date travel information by consulting with her/him. These links are listed for reference purposes only.


Traveling the world is a beautiful thing, but it can also be unpredictable. For this reason we require all of our Dashers to have travel insurance. It is mandatory that all Dashers obtain travel insurance with a minimum medical coverage of US$200,000 while travelling with Live The Dash and this insurance must cover personal injury and emergency medical expense. We also highly recommend that you go a step further in protecting your investment by extending your coverage to include cancellation, curtailment, and all other expenses that might arise.


It is advisable to check the forecast for the cities and towns that you will be traveling to.