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About Us – Live The Dash

Live The Dash…The Story


Akwasi came up with the name of the company while attending the final services of a former high school teacher.  As his teacher was being eulogized, he was given high praise for all of the wonderful things that he did during his life, for his dedication to his family and all of the people whose lives he changed.  The woman delivering the eulogy stated that what matters most in life is what you do with your “dash”.  Those words inspired the name of our company.  Live The Dash Tours focuses on encouraging and helping solo travelers to live their lives to the very fullest through travel, but Live The Dash Tours is much more than just a tour operator.  We are building a global Live The Dash Community and members of this community are proud to be called “Dashers”.  Your fellow Dashers will be the travel partners that you have been longing for.  Our aim is for you to establish lifelong friendships with your fellow Dashers and the individuals that you will meet abroad.  You will discover how small the world really is!